Petro Poroshenko again became a dollar billionaire

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Forbes Ukrainian magazine estimated the former president’s fortune at $ 1.4 billion. The last time Poroshenko was ranked in dollar billionaires in 2014 with an estimate of $ 1.3 billion.

The fortune of the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is $ 1.4 billion. With this assessment, he entered the first rating since 2016 of the 100 richest businessmen of Ukraine, prepared by the Ukrainian Forbes magazine. In the ranking, Poroshenko took third place.

The last time Poroshenko was included in the Forbes dollar billionaire rating in 2014, then his fortune was estimated at $ 1.3 billion. In 2015, the American Forbes ceased to consider him a billionaire. Then Forbes Ukraine estimated Poroshenko ’s fortune at $ 750 million, in the hundred richest Ukrainians Poroshenko took eighth place.

The basis of welfare Poroshenko – manufacturer of confectionery Roshen. During the election campaign, the businessman (he was elected president of Ukraine in May 2014) promised to sell his assets. “The promise to sell the entire business after being elected president, Poroshenko fulfilled only 20%,” Forbes Ukraine notes. – Together with his business partner Igor Kononenko, he sold only the Kuznitsa na Rybalsky plant located near the center of Kiev. The circumstances of this transaction, as well as other episodes of his presidency, became the basis for the opening of more than a dozen criminal cases. ” Poroshenko doesn’t go to either suspect or accused in any of them, the newspaper notes.

The first place in the ranking of the richest Ukrainian businessmen was taken by the mining and metallurgical magnate Rinat Akhmetov , whose fortune was estimated by the magazine at $ 2.8 billion. “Compared to the peak year of 2013, the fortune of the richest Ukrainian was reduced by almost six times,” the newspaper notes. . The second place in the list of the richest Ukrainians is occupied by the owner of the Interpipe group Victor Pinchuk with a fortune of $ 1.4 billion


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