Perseverance rover now independently selects Martian rocks for analysis

(ORDO NEWS) — Previously, the rover’s engineering team, which is on Earth, carefully studied images of the surface of the Red Planet before instructing the Perseverance rover to obtain a new soil sample from Mars.

The engineers chose which rocks or rocks to analyze with the SuperCam instrument, which analyzes the chemical and mineralogical composition of Martian soil and can remotely detect the presence of organic compounds.

All this took quite a long time due to the delay in the response of the signal that went from the rover to Earth, and then back.

The engineers then asked for more information, the rover sent it back again, and so on, until a decision was made. However, in mid-May 2022, everything changed.

Without guidance from Earth, the Perseverance rover, using Autonomous Exploration for Gathering Enhanced Science (AEGIS) software, independently selected and analyzed two targets using the SuperCam instrument, and then sent the results back to Earth.

Engineers are very pleased with the rover’s performance, and the team now plans to use AEGIS to get faster rock composition data along the rover’s path.


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