People with this blood type may be at risk of early stroke

(ORDO NEWS) — Employees of the University of Maryland conducted a study and established which blood group may be directly related to the occurrence of stroke at an early age. The scientists published the results of the research in a scientific journal.

During the meta-analysis, absolutely all the results of genetic studies on ischemic strokes in people whose age did not exceed the mark of 60 years were taken into account.

Almost 17,000 people who experienced a stroke took part in 48 different studies. In addition, information was obtained on 600,000 healthy people.

The work carried out made it possible to reveal a connection between the risk of developing an early stroke and a certain region of the chromosome, in which there is a gene responsible for the blood group.

After gender and some other factors were taken into account, the experts were able to establish that patients with the second blood group face an early stroke 18% more often than all others.

In addition, it was found that carriers of the first blood group are also 12% more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease.

Scientists drew attention to the fact that the risk is not very great, so people with the second blood group can not worry too much and not visit a doctor for any reason. It is recommended to do screenings from time to time, but you should not panic.

The researchers hypothesized that the higher risk of early stroke may be directly related to clotting factors. Some time ago, another study was conducted, which demonstrated that carriers of the second blood group may encounter deep vein thrombosis more often than others.


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