People with mental disorders found to be more susceptible to COVID

(ORDO NEWS) — People with mental disorders have a higher risk of contracting coronavirus even if they get vaccinated. The corresponding data were obtained by scientists at the University of California at San Francisco.

They analyzed data from 263,697 COVID-vaccinated patients, according to JAMA Network Open.

More than half of the citizens were diagnosed with at least one psychiatric diagnosis in five years. In particular, depression, anxiety, psychosis, attention deficit. Approximately 15% had coronavirus.

It turned out that people with mental disorders are more likely to get coronavirus.

Earlier, Microsoft founder Bill Gates warned that the world could face pandemics that would be much more dangerous than the coronavirus. Gates called on governments around the world to allocate funds to combat the looming threats.

Gates didn’t give specifics about the looming threat, but he did say it would be an even stronger pathogen. According to the entrepreneur, the strains of coronavirus “omicron” and “delta” are among the most transmissible viruses.


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