People who should die in disasters are predetermined in advance

(ORDO NEWS) — There are many stories when people before one or another fatal event saw in a dream either their own death, or strange lists in which their names were written. It was only just before his death that it became clear that death lists were featured in the dream, reports The Epoch Times.

In 1556, a strong earthquake struck China’s Weinan District, which killed 830,000 lives. Many people literally fell underground due to the divergence of the earth’s crust. The earth sank to several meters, houses were destroyed. Before the aftershocks, the inhabitants of the district saw the same dream, where there were heavenly palaces and a list of names.

The names of the court dignitaries were also observed in the lists. Soon people found out that everyone whose name was written down had died.

On August 18, 1140, a bridge collapsed on the Qiantang River (Zhejiang Province) due to an incredibly strong tidal wave that formed in an instant. On August 13, people had a dream in which they were warned not to step on the bridge. In the dream, it was said that only cruel, disrespectful and dissolute parents would die. People began to tell each other dreams. It turned out that everyone saw the same picture.

On the day of high tide, a crowd gathered on the bridge. Those who stood there did not listen to the warnings of the others. As a result, people who turned out to be bad guys were washed away.

During the reign of Emperor Shunzhi (1644-1661), a fire broke out at the Changmen city gate in Suzhou. Before the incident, people saw a strange person who measured the ground with a bamboo pole. Not a single person could understand the man, as he spoke strangely.

Later it turned out that the buildings located in the measured area had burned to the ground. Miraculously, only the house of the Chen family survived, which was at the epicenter of the elements. Earlier, a deity was seen over the house: the family was engaged in good deeds, in particular, it printed instructive books.


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