People who previously defeated coronavirus began to become infected in South Korea

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — According to a recent statement from the South Korean authorities, 91 people who had previously successfully recovered received a positive coronavirus test result again. It follows that the immunity to the disease in humans is not developed.

So far, specialists in the South Korean healthcare system cannot say how re-infection could have occurred just a couple of days after the victory over the virus. An epidemiological investigation is underway.

According to Jung-jeon-ken, head of the Center for the Prevention of Diseases, the strain is able to “reactivate.”

WHO was worried about information received from the South Korean authorities. It was decided to immediately investigate such cases in order to learn more about our common enemy. In South Korea, it was also noted that repeated tests were done in compliance with all the rules, that is, false testimonies are impossible.

A new WHO directive states that patients can only be discharged after the test has shown a negative result twice.


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