People who disappeared in a strange way left video footprints

(ORDO NEWS) — Every year, every month, every week, and even every day, people disappear without a trace. From small to large. All over the globe. Corpses are extremely rare.

Thanks to the latest technology, we can see the last moments in the life of such creatures. “Firefighters are looking, the police are looking, photographers are looking, they have been looking for a long time, but they cannot find it…”

Black man

If a mysterious stranger follows you in the middle of the night on an empty street, it can become a real nightmare. On December 8, 2000, Trevor Deely was caught on security cameras in Dublin before he disappeared.

According to The Irish Times, at around 3am, the Irishman left the Christmas party and went to work to grab an umbrella and check something before tomorrow’s work day. The camera captured a bank clerk and an unknown man in black at the bank gate.

The unidentified man stood there until Deeley arrived. They were talking about something, then Deely left the office and went to his room.

A few minutes later, on the way home, he got into the lens of another bank’s surveillance camera. 30 seconds later, a black man was walking in the same direction. The police are convinced that the man at the bank was the one who followed Deely to the door of his apartment.

Disappearing in a haunted hotel

In February 2013, Canadian tourist Eliza Lam disappeared from the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. The footage (see below) of the girl’s last minutes is so strange, and her disappearance so mysterious, that the incident instantly became a sensation.

While in the elevator, Lam peeks out the door as if checking to see if she’s being followed, talking to someone off-camera, gesticulating wildly as she enters and exits the elevator. In the two and a half minutes of footage, the elevator doors didn’t even try to close.

There have been suggestions that the Canadian may have been hiding from a ghost or other supernatural being. The Cecil Inn has long had a bad reputation as a haunted place. The girl’s body was found in the water tank on the roof of the hotel three weeks after the disappearance.

Missing at the airport

In 2014, German tourist Lars Mittank went with friends to Varna to relax in the resort of the famous Bulgarian Gold Coast. On July 5, in a bar, Lars quarreled with his compatriots over the results of a football match.

During the scuffle, Mittank’s eardrum was damaged, so the doctors advised him to postpone his trip home and prescribed antibiotics. The buddies wanted to stay, but Lars turned down their offer. Mittank asked his mother to freeze his credit card, saying that the hotel did not feel safe.

On July 8, with the permission of the doctor, Mittank arrived at Varna airport. Soon after, the guy abruptly dropped his things and rushed to the exit, shouting: “I don’t want to die here.” Surveillance cameras recorded how he ran through the airport, then jumped over a high fence and disappeared into the thickets.

There are two versions:

  • Either the guy was attacked by people with whom he had a fight the day before
  • Or the tympanic membrane medication caused acute psychosis, known to medical professionals as a very rare side effect


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