People who are afraid of being without their phones are 85% more dangerous drivers

(ORDO NEWS) — For some people, a moment without a phone in hand can feel like a lifetime. But smartphone obsession can affect driving safety.

Researchers from Monash University, Australia found that people who suffer from severe Nomophobia (from no mobile-phone phobia) – the fear of being without a mobile phone – are 85% more likely to pick up their device while driving thereby endangering yourself and others on the road.

In particular, men were found to be more likely than women to use their smartphone while driving, as were young adults.

How was the research?

People who are afraid of being without their phones are 85 more dangerous drivers 2

Despite the fact that in many countries it is forbidden to use the phone while driving, many people neglect this rule. In a new study, scientists set out to understand whether there is a link between the illegal use of smartphones in a car and nomophobia.

As part of the study, the team used data from 2,773 Australian participants who completed a questionnaire to assess their level of nomophobia. Volunteers were also asked, “In the past 31 days, have you ever used your cell phone while driving?”

The results showed that participants with nomophobia were 85% more likely to resort to illegal phone use while driving. Age and gender also seem to play a role in the likelihood of committing illegal activities with a smartphone while driving.

Compared to participants aged 18-25, people aged 60 and over were 92% less likely to use their phone while driving. At the same time, men were 20% more likely to use the phone while driving compared to women.


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