People are mysteriously disappearing in US national parks

(ORDO NEWS) — People are disappearing in national parks and wilderness areas across North America. The 2019 documentary Missing 411: The Hunted said up to 1,200 people were missing, but suggested that number may be underestimated.

David Paulides, a former police detective turned private investigator, is the author of the popular 411 Missing series and documentaries of the same name, as well as the CanAm Missing Project.

He says, “We don’t know how many people are missing in these areas because the USFS (U.S. Forest Service) and NPS (National Park Service) refuse to release lists of missing people.”

Several hundred cases per year

Paulides dedicated himself to investigating cases of missing people in national parks and forests. When asked how many cases he usually investigates in a year, he replied: “On average, we investigate several hundred disappearances a year.”

One thing is certain: people vacationing in national parks or hunting in national forests and wilderness areas are going missing. These heart-warming stories are captured in Paulides’ latest documentary, Missing 411: The UFO Connection (2022).

Chantil Ferriera, TCA Content Manager at Wealth of Geeks, is a fan of the Missing 411 series. “I have a lot of respect for the mountains and wild nature. As a child, I spent a lot of time there with a telescope, watching the sky and looking for comets. Many times I’ve seen it

“Since moving to Utah, I’ve had many experiences where I realized I wasn’t alone in the woods. When you’re in the woods or mountains long enough, you can sense the wildlife around you and notice a difference when something comes into your a zone to which it belongs, and something that doesn’t.”

Mysterious disappearances in national parks

Exploring nature in the fresh air is a useful activity, especially when it comes to visiting America’s national parks. But one thing that can throw a wrench into your plans when planning an outdoor getaway is safety.

According to public data from Statista, hundreds of thousands of people go missing in the United States each year, and more than 500,000 in 2021. How many of these people are missing from national parks, forests and wildlife?

Paulides’ books and documentaries claim that many tourists and hunters disappeared from these places, leaving nothing behind. His fascination with this work was sparked by two park rangers reporting the “strange circumstances” of missing tourists, as described in the book “Missing 411: The Hunted.”

Asked if she’s a skeptic, Ferriera says, “I saw lights, UFOs, things disappeared before our eyes, things appeared on cameras that weren’t there when I was filming. It’s easy to dismiss things when you’re not there.” “At the same time, you don’t even see it with your own eyes. In my opinion, almost every person has encountered similar phenomena, they are simply too ashamed, afraid or skeptical to admit it.”

Special zones

In the Missing 411 series and the Missing CanAm Project, Paulides documents the facts and eerie similarities that investigators have uncovered in missing persons cases that have disappeared from federal lands in “special zones” across North America. Among them are Yosemite National Park in California, as well as Crater Lake in Oregon.


The uniqueness of the cases that Paulides takes on lies in the unusual, mysteriously similar details in each missing person case, which suggest that something strange has happened. Paulides calls these similarities “profile points.”

The “profile points” include the separation of people from the group, bad weather that occurred immediately after the person went missing, and the inability of the search and rescue service (SRS) to find traces even with the help of sniffer dogs. When such people go missing, they leave no traces and search teams never find their belongings.

The truth is somewhere near…


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