Pentagon report clearly states UFO sightings

(ORDO NEWS) — A Pentagon report published in the summer of 2021 clearly states for the first time that some sightings cannot be explained otherwise than by the appearance of UFOs, writes Videnskab.

Serious scientists used to be reluctant to take on this topic. Now, everything is likely to change, the authors of the article say, masters of astronomy, physics and mathematics from the University of Copenhagen.

Henrik Stub, Helle Stub, Masters of Astronomy, Physics and Mathematics at the University of Copenhagen, popularizers of science, authors of the book “Living Universe“.

For many years, most serious scientists were unwilling to take on such a topic as UFOs. But now everything will probably change.

After a long period of silence, the press became interested in the subject of UFOs again. Everything changed in June 2021, when US intelligence released an official report on the matter.

In it, for the first time, there was a clear recognition that some sightings could not be explained otherwise than by the appearance of unidentified flying objects.

In this article, we will turn to the events after the release of the report.

It is safe to say that that report marked the beginning of a new and very relevant path to the study of the UFO phenomenon.

It is possible that research will now be conducted differently, so that we can find out more reliable information about this mysterious phenomenon.

Long history of UFOs

We have known about unidentified flying objects for at least 75 years. And if you believe the evidence from the distant past, UFOs have been observed much earlier.

But for most, the UFO story began on June 24, 1947, when Kenneth Arnold, flying in a small private plane, saw nine luminous objects.

The speed with which they moved, Arnold estimated at two thousand kilometers per hour. He observed objects near Mount Rainier in the state of Washington.

But what no one could have predicted was that this event marked the beginning of a whole series of observations. And very quickly, unidentified flying objects began to be considered alien spacecraft by default.


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