Pentagon declines comment on UFO video in Afghanistan

(ORDO NEWS) — This video was made by the US military in the Kandahar province of Afghanistan in 2011, and then uploaded to the network. The US military refused to comment on it, but yesterday, in response to a public request, Susan Gough spokeswoman for UAP, gave an official response:

“I can’t say anything about the origin or authenticity of the video. I have nothing more for you“

Video was recorded from a surveillance tower using a night vision fire control system. Four UFOs appeared over the mountains and released garlands of smaller objects down.

Interestingly, to support the US military base, near which these events took place, the Warthog was called, the A-10 plane, which attacked two of the four objects, but when the smoke from the explosions cleared, it became clear that the A-10 attack did not inflicted harm to objects and they didn’t even move a centimeter from their places.

A very interesting video, especially in light of the fact that the Pentagon continues to refuse to explain what happened on that day in Afghanistan.

Moreover, the appearance of such objects during the war in Afghanistan was reported in different years by many US military personnel.


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