Pentagon creates a unit to investigate UFOs

(ORDO NEWS) — The Pentagon is creating a task force to investigate UFO sightings that have been observed by American military pilots. This is reported by CNN with reference to the employees of the country’s military department.

The project will be overseen by US First Deputy Secretary of Defense David Norkvist. Earlier, the US Congress and the Pentagon have repeatedly expressed concern that unidentified flying objects appear over US military bases. In June, the Senate Intelligence Committee voted for the country’s Defense Ministry and intelligence agencies to make publicly available the results of an analysis of the circumstances of the pilots’ “encounters” with UFOs.

At the moment, there is a debate in the States about where unidentified flying objects come from: from extraterrestrial civilizations or from Washington’s opponents on Earth.

Earlier, two mysterious objects in the sky over the center of London hit the live broadcast. Remarkably, unidentified objects appeared in the sky on World UFO Day, July 2.


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