Pentagon claims without reason that they have no data on UFOs disabling Nuclear Bombs

(ORDO NEWS) — Former Minuteman Missile Command Commander Robert Salas claims he reported the incident to the UFO task force last year.

Salas, who has long been trying to draw public attention to what happened, was the commander on duty at an underground launcher at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana in March 1967, when a mysterious object appeared and disabled several ICBMs.

The pilot, who was on duty at that time, noticed an object in the sky, which began to move in a zigzag manner, and then hovered behind the front gate of the object.

The guards described it as red, glowing, and saucer-shaped.

Within seconds, the ICBMs stationed at the base began to signal inexplicable malfunctions.

“Over the next few seconds, we lost six to eight missiles in a no-go condition,” Salas said.

According to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, “all ten Malmstrom missiles became inoperable within ten seconds of each other.”

A very similar incident occurred just a week earlier at another base north of Lewistown, Montana.

When Salas reported the incident to the Pentagon UFO task force last year, he was told that officials were already aware of it and that he did not need to provide any further information.

So he was especially surprised when officials at the Congressional UFO hearing on Tuesday said they had no data on the incident and could not comment.

“Disabling nuclear missiles is obviously a national security issue that they should have considered,” Salas said.

“Because Congressman Mike Gallagher insisted on it, Moultrie eventually agreed to take a look at these incidents. So I look forward to briefing him as soon as I get a call.” ”

“I was just waiting for a response from them. I even offered to go there at my own expense. I will be happy to fully inform any congressman or anyone from the Department of Defense.”


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