Penguins learn to swim: a touching video

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The San Diego Zoo in the United States published a video where two penguins, who are only a few months old, learn to swim in a large separate pool – very soon they will be able to join the rest of the penguin colony in the zoo, and they can’t beak in the mud. Penguins for several months, they have almost changed the baby plumage and have lost the funny downy “Iroquois” on their heads.

They have not yet been given names.

Zoo staff timed a video for World Penguin Day, which is celebrated every year on April 25th.

Over the past few weeks, the wildlife conservation team spent a lot of time with the chicks to prepare them for life in the colony and build trusting relationships with team members.

This included teaching the chicks to eat the food they provided manually by wildlife conservation specialists, rather than through burping parents; and a slow acquaintance of penguins with other inhabitants of the colony. Specialists noted that both young penguins are healthy, grow fast, learn quickly and adapt to their learning and environment.

“A little shy because of their three-month-old age, they are already quite independent cubs,” said Debbie Denton, a wildlife care specialist in the penguin habitat at the San Diego Zoo. “They spend days enjoying their time in the pool and practicing swimming skills. In the coming days, they will be ready to meet with the rest of the colony. ”

The spacious aviary (if you can call it a huge area reserved for penguins) for the colony of spectacled penguins at the San Diego Zoo has a cobblestone beach, nesting sites and rocks imitating granite boulders found on Boulders Beach in South Africa, as well as a large a pool with a capacity of more than 200,000 halons (almost one million liters). In the habitat of the penguins, a camera is installed that conducts round-the-clock online broadcasting. You can watch it here .

Spectacled penguins, or African penguins (Spheniscus demersus) live on the coast of South Africa and Namibia and are endangered species. The San Diego Zoo participates in the Association for the Conservation of Zoo and Aquarium Species (SSP) conservation program for these birds and works with the South African Coastal Bird Conservation Fund (SANCCOB) to help implement the rescue program for penguin populations in South Africa.


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