Patomskiy crater: the most mysterious place on the planet

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists argue about the origin of the Patomskiy crater, using geological and astronomical models as arguments. But maybe they are looking in the wrong place? The shape of the crater is too unusual. Plus there’s something underneath!

How it all began

Beginning in 2005, on the initiative of the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper with the support of Channel One and the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the second stage of the study of the mysterious Patomskiy crater in the north of the Irkutsk region, discovered back in 1949, began. Research began in 1963 by a comprehensive expedition of Tomsk and Novokuznetsk scientists. They found an abnormally high magnesium content in soil samples taken around the crater. How can this be explained?

Possibly, the reason was strong magnetic plates curved with a silvery sheen, very reminiscent of artificial formations also found in these samples. But what if it’s the smallest pieces of the magnesium alloy skin of a flying saucer? It is known that such alloys are particularly strong.

Main hypotheses

There are two main hypotheses for crater formation: volcanic and meteoric. The first indicates its shape, very similar to the cone of a volcano with steep slopes, a truncated peak and a depression in it. But at the bottom of the crater there is a rounded hill. No volcanic lava or ash was found. The second hypothesis: the crater is a ring structure, separate zones of which were formed at different times, the impact of earth’s energy on rocks occurred three times – first, the early and late ring ramparts formed, then the ring ditch and the central hill.

The meteorite hypothesis uses the results of dendrochronological analysis (dendrochronology is a method of dating archaeological finds based on the study of tree rings of wood – ed.), Geophysical research and experimental modeling. In shape and size, the Patomskiy crater does not resemble lunar meteorite craters – they have a wide flat bottom and a small annular rampart. Earth craters are usually very large, ranging from hundreds of meters to hundreds of kilometers in diameter.

Dendrochronological analysis carried out by V. Voronin, Doctor of Biological Sciences, head of the laboratory of the Siberian Institute of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, SB RAS, suggests that the cause of the crater formation could be the fall of an artificial object. The trunks of the trees growing at the site of the fall broke and the root system was damaged. According to their cuts, it was established that the crater was formed more than 250 years ago. An elemental analysis of the growth rings of one of the trees showed that since 1842 the content of radioactive elements in them has increased significantly. And after 40 years, the radiation level subsided. Voronin notes: “When the ground temperature rose, the roots of the trees could have absorbed more radioactive materials. In 1842, something warmed up the soil, and more of these elements got into the plants. Then the underground stove cooled down and the permafrost has risen to the roots again ”. But what is this “underground stove”?

Magnetometry allowed Professor of Irkutsk Technical University, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences A. Dmitriev to say:

“There’s something under the crater. Something with an abnormally high content of iron or other ferromagnets for these places. This something lies at a depth of 100-150 meters, and very much changes the magnetic field. We are dealing with a strange meteorite, which did not explode from hitting the ground, but, like a drill, went deep inside.

But the head of the geological group of one of the expeditions of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Professor V. Antipin is sure that not one, but three strange events happened underground – explosions or something else – as a result of which rocks were thrown onto the surface three times, which formed the body of the crater. Most of the scientists of the expedition are inclined to believe that this may be a very unusual meteorite in composition and properties.

Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences A. Pospeev, head of JSC “Irkutsk Electrical Prospecting Enterprise”, on the basis of electrophysical research, states:

– A three-dimensional object with increased electrical conductivity was revealed under the crater. It resembles an ellipsoid or cylinder in shape, the top of which is at a depth of about 100 meters. Down it goes 600-700 meters. The object is not made of metal, but is formed by salt water that fills the cavity under the crater.

The result of an experiment carried out by specialists from the Institute for Problems in Mechanics of the Russian Academy of Sciences turned out to be very interesting. Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of Wave Dynamics of the Institute of Applied Mathematics I. Simonov is sure:

– There was an impact with a high-density and strong cylindrical body, as a result of which a huge amount of rock was pushed to the surface. The length of the cylinder is from 6 to 16 meters, the diameter of the base is about three. There was no explosion. This is evidenced by the shape of the crater. Pieces of rock are neatly squeezed out of the bowels.

How are they squeezed out?

Another version

An alien object with the above parameters crashed into the Earth at great speed about 250 years ago. Like a projectile, it pierced the rocks and penetrated to a depth of 600-700 meters, forming the main cone of the crater on the surface. Then, in 1841-1842, the object gave off a lot of heat, which led to the warming of the soil above it and the change in the annual rings of the trees. As a result, the object rose up along its entrance channel to a depth of 100-150 meters. The ascent probably took place in two stages, which led to the formation of the inner shaft of the cone and the hill in the center. As a result of the release of heat in the channel below the object, an ellipsoidal cavity was formed to its entire depth, which was gradually filled with groundwater, which was revealed by electrical prospecting.

So, an alien object, similar in size and hardness to a giant projectile, having broken through the upper part of the earth’s crust, gets out to the surface, to which it has very little left! And what will happen when he gets out?

“Eagle” in the Yakut sky

Why do the Yakuts call the Patomskiy crater “The Nest of the Fiery Eagle”? Perhaps their ancestors in the 18th century witnessed the fall of a UFO and used the name of the largest bird for its name to make it clear: something big was flying. And “fiery” because the UFO was burning or glowing. And the place on earth where the “fiery eagle” fell, they called the “nest” because of the external resemblance of the crater to an ordinary eagle’s nest, arranged on a rock.

And the ancient Sumerians, for example, called the flying machines of the gods “eagles”.

Mars colonization of the Earth 65,000 years ago

The metaphysician and esotericist Drunvalo Melchizedek writes in The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life that the Martians colonized the Earth during early Atlantis. In his opinion, about a million years ago, life was seething on Mars. Then its inhabitants joined the “Lucifer rebellion”, but the idea failed, and the Red Planet was destroyed. But the Martians managed to build a complex of pyramids, with the help of which they were transported to Earth and settled in Atlantis, about 65,000 years ago. They tried to take over Atlantis, but to no avail. They calmed down for a long time.

Then, 13-16 thousand years ago, the Martian immigrants built several structures with the help of which they wanted to rule on our planet. But the experiment failed and led, in the end, to the death of Atlantis.

“War of the Worlds” – a warning to humanity?

Of all the predictions of science fiction writers about the possible colonization of the Earth by aliens, the most famous is the novel “War of the Worlds” by H.G. Wells. According to his plan, the Martian invaders brought to the Earth new principles of science and technology – these are combat robots-tripods, heat and light rays, airplanes, gas attacks … What is this: fantasy or memories preserved in humanity’s genes?

If you remember, the events of the novel begin with the fall of the Martian cylinder to Earth. People dream of establishing contact with the Martians, but those have other plans: “To conquer a new world, closer to the Sun – this is their only salvation from the steadily impending doom.”

Wells describes the alien “guest” as follows: “He saw a gigantic funnel dug by a fallen body … The protruding part looked like a huge burnt cylinder … The cylinder was artificial, hollow, with a screw cap! Most of all, it looked like a rusty gas tank submerged in the ground … a yellowish-white metal … of an unusual hue. “

The interplanetary projectile ship and the method of its arrival on Earth are reminiscent of what is known about the Patomskiy crater. Is the coincidence of the details of the novel with the facts of our day an accident, Wells’s memories of past events, or a foresight of the future? Recall that the novel was published 11 years before the fall of the Tunguska meteorite.

Who is shelling the Earth?

Where did the shell-cylinder come from? It is hardly worth mentioning Mars, long abandoned by its inhabitants. But if not from the Red Planet, then from where?

Maybe from the moon? The Internet publication by V. Pyatibrat of the translation of the book by J. Leonard “There is someone else on our Moon” suggests the presence on the Moon of either our own civilization, or bases of aliens from other planets using the Moon to observe us.

These are all assumptions, and the mysterious cylinder is located under the Patomskiy crater and is waiting in the wings.


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