Part of Yellowstone the size of Chicago “pulsating”

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In the center of Yellowstone National Park, in northwestern Wyoming, there is a scar from a terrible eruption that happened 640 thousand years ago. We are talking about a bubbling caldera, where geysers constantly appear and reservoirs foam up.

In the area northwest of the caldera, there is the Norris Geyser Basin area, which has collected more than 500 hydrothermal sites. It is this zone that has been “pulsating” for twenty years due to constant changes. It rises and falls a few inches.

Daniel Jurisin, a geologist at the US Geological Survey, suggested that the area has been significantly deformed over the years due to underground processes.

The site suffered an “invasion” of magma. The liquid, which has turned into steam, continues to break out through a huge maze of rocks.

The age of Norris is 115 thousand years. So far, all the key factors do not indicate that another earthquake or hydrothermal explosion may happen soon, however, these natural phenomena are definitely worth the wait.


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