Parents in shock: their baby in the womb showed the middle finger

(ORDO NEWS) — Chelsea Furnival and Adrian Witt shared how they were shocked when they saw an ultrasound scan of their child.

On January 2, the young parents went for an ultrasound examination to make sure that everything was fine with their daughter. But after they saw the ultrasound scan, they were shocked. On it, the girl closed her eyes and showed everyone her middle finger.

The couple started joking that this was how their daughter said goodbye to the terrible 2020. Chelsea and Adrian started laughing right in the examination room. They did not understand how a child who had not yet been born knows how to swear correctly.

Parents in shock their baby in the womb showed the middle finger 2

According to the sonographer, this incredibly funny moment, which was recorded during the scan, is incredibly rare. The girl’s father even said that such an image could well be called “historical”, because there is such a thing once every billion cases. Young parents are going to save this picture of their daughter in order to show it to their grandchildren in the future, when they grow up a little and begin to understand everything.


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