Paranormal phenomena in India

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(ORDO NEWS) — India has been known since ancient times as a land of wonders. Yogis, fakirs, sages and hermits, rich nature, outlandish animals, the Taj Mahal, the Lotus Temple, “the night of falling birds” in the Indian state of Assam … Can you list them all? Those who love the exoticism of the East go to India both for impressions and for spiritual enlightenment. True, in the era of scientific and technological revolution, the glory of India has somewhat faded. Against the backdrop of the Internet and American cinematic special effects, yoga, for example, does not seem so miraculous. However, recently miracles of a different order have appeared in the country …

Alien Attacks

Several years ago, at least seven residents of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh were killed in an attack … by aliens. A villager told The Times of India how one late August evening he was heading from one village to another. Suddenly, a ball pulsing with bright flashes appeared in the sky. The man ran out of the way and hid under a spreading tree. The mysterious object immediately began to “fire” its shelter with dazzling rays of light. The leaves and branches of the tree immediately caught fire. The unfortunate man ran through the forest for four hours, until the flying aggressor wanted to leave. The poor fellow got off relatively easily – with just a few burns to his face and hands.

One eyewitness to this attack confirmed that the unknown object was circular in shape and emitted bright rays of green and red. He flew with great speed and disappeared in a split second. The balloon, which has appeared in other parts of India, has even been videotaped. However, experts who viewed these unique footage were unable to provide any reasonable explanation for the two-minute plot, which captures the rapid circular movement of bright rays of light and the groans of people who were injured as a result of the attack.

Many residents of the state also sought medical attention from Tom – burns, cuts and lacerations were earned by them, it was alleged, during an alien attack. Rahurai Pal from Shanwa, whose neighbor Ramiy Pal was then killed, said:
– A mysterious flying object attacked him at night. Ramia’s belly was ripped open. He died two days after that.

The alarmed population began to form volunteer self-defense units that patrolled the streets, beat drums and shouted militant slogans. It got to the point that thousands of people rushed to besiege police stations, demanding protection from space aliens from the authorities. As a result of the riots, several people were shot dead by the police and dozens were injured.

The case of aggressive UFOs reached the political circles of the country. Officials put forward a variety of versions: from the general causeless hysteria of the population to flights over the Indian land of foreign aircraft. Specialists from the Indian Institute of Technology were involved in the investigation of these incidents. Professor Ravindra Arora expressed his belief that frightened inhabitants take fireballs that appear in dry hot weather for luminous alien ships. Such weather increases the electrical resistivity of the soil while decreasing its conductivity. This attracts ball lightning, which come in different colors: blue, green, yellow, red.

The National Intelligence Bureau sent special agents to the scene. After interviewing local residents, they created a mini-model of a UFO with the help of improvised means, during the work of which they hoped to attract – aliens. ” After some waiting, a three-fold flash of light was recorded in the night sky, but nothing else happened. What was this phenomenon – ball lightning or an alien ship? There is no reliable information about this.

“Devil’s numbers” and obsessed students

Around the same time, people in East India were stirred up by rumors of “devil numbers” that were displayed on mobile phones. Word of mouth passed that these numbers begin with the digits “11”, “12”, “13” and “14” instead of the usual “10” for India. For example, one of the subscribers of mobile communications in the city of Bubanesvar said that he once received a call from a number starting with “11”. The caller recommended to turn off the phone urgently. Then he added: “If you continue to receive calls, then your phone will become infected with a terrible virus and explode.” The man was indignant and immediately called back the strange number. But it turned out that he simply does not exist. After that – fear has big eyes – the subscriber turned off his phone just in case and was afraid to use it for a long time.

However, in the life of Indians, there are not so harmless oddities. An epidemic of an unknown disease has hit the female students of a girls’ school in the town of Dolagobind, Orissa. According to the Indian media, the schoolgirls fainted right in the classroom, and when they came to their senses, they behaved like real cats: they meowed heart-rendingly, hissed and scratched. According to the teachers of the school, at least several dozen female students aged 8 to 12 showed symptoms of an incomprehensible disease.

It all started with the fact that three girls fainted, barely crossing the threshold of the school. The teachers thought they were hungry and therefore weakened. However, after being fed, the girls began to behave like wild cats. The next day, something similar happened to seven more girls: they first burst into tears, then fell on the floor and began to meow and hiss. It was almost impossible to calm them down. The director of the educational institution called the orderlies, and they took the “possessed” students to a psychiatric hospital. Then he turned to a local sorcerer, who performed a rite of exorcism within the walls of the school. The strange epidemic among girls nevertheless continued, and the administration had no choice but to close the school.

Ultimately, the village council of elders decided to take the sick students to the local religious community, where they were forced to repeat Hindu hymns and were also subjected to ancient fire rituals to exorcise the evil spirit. The condition of the children improved over time, but they completely forgot about what happened to them.

Hitler’s Cross Restaurant

For some time now, the Germans who come to India and Pakistan, not without surprise, began to notice that they enjoy incomparably greater respect there than tourists from other countries. The strangest thing is that it had nothing to do with the scientific or industrial achievements of modern Germany. But it turned out that many Asians recently, for some unknown reason, have inflamed an ardent passion for Hitler and associate German tourists with the inhabitants of the Third Reich. In India, it has become fashionable to open restaurants with names like Hitler’s Cross, and the shops there sell Mein Kampf freely in English. Even in school textbooks, the German Fuhrer is sometimes described as a great leader, and giving a child the name Adolf is considered a sign of good form.

Residents of Pakistan, neighboring with India, also suddenly found out that they are real Aryans and representatives of the Indo-German race. It is better for a tourist there not to admit that he came from Germany, otherwise the locals will enthusiastically admire Hitler and his “military genius”, sincerely believing that by doing so they make the guest pleasant. Most Pakistanis have no idea that Germany is no longer the Third Reich. These simple-minded people imagine Hitler as some kind of hero who fought against the Americans, British and Zionists and gave his life in this struggle. In Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, cars adorned with the words “I love the Nazis” and images of a black swastika inside a white circle drive around everywhere.

There is such an Indian film – “Obsession”. After reading about all these unkind miracles – aggressive aliens, demonic possession, pathological love for the Third Reich, you will inevitably decide that this is some kind of obsession, and it is better for us to return to traditional Indian miracles such as yogis, fakirs and the Taj Mahal …


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