Paradox-free time travel has been proven

(ORDO NEWS) — A student at the University of Queensland, using the methods of mathematical physics, showed that time travel is possible and that there should not be a paradox due to violation of the principle of causality.

Classical dynamics says that if we know the state of the system at a certain point in time, then we can find out what happened to it in the past. This principle allows us to do everything from launching rockets into space to simulating fluid flow. However, Einstein’s general theory of relativity predicts the existence of time loops or time travel. In theory, this turns the study of dynamics upside down.

So far, there is no single theory that would combine the theory of relativity with classical physics. Physicists today argue that both theories cannot be simultaneously true. Nevertheless, we see confirmation of both.

Now, an undergraduate student at the University of Queensland, along with his supervisor, has found a way to mathematically describe time travel in a way that avoids time paradoxes and fulfills Novikov’s principle of self-consistency. The paradox is this: for example, you want to travel back in time and prevent COVID-19 patient zero infection. Then a pandemic will not arise and you will not have the motivation to change the past in the future.

This kind of paradox makes people think that time travel is impossible. But researchers have shown that it is still possible. It’s just that when you travel back in time, you cannot do anything that would cause a paradox. According to the authors, events will simply be adjusted to be logically consistent with what will happen in the future. For example, if you prevent the infection of patient zero with coronavirus, you can become patient zero yourselves and the pandemic will still begin.

According to scientists, they discovered several new mathematical processes that showed that no matter how you try to create a paradox, events will always adapt themselves to avoid violating the principle of causality.


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