Pandemic started in the Wuhan market

(ORDO NEWS) — Three new independent studies have concluded the natural origin of SARS-CoV-2, Nature reports. Scientists at the University of Toledo have shown that vitamins have little effect on the severity of COVID-19. Scientists at the University of Washington estimated how common post-COVID psychological disorders are.

The beginning of the pandemic is traced to the market in Wuhan

According to Nature, three new studies, although not yet peer-reviewed, strongly suggest that the COVID-19 pandemic did start in a market in Wuhan. That is, it has a natural, not artificial origin. Two papers directly link the outbreak to a market where live animals were sold.

The third work shows that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus was transmitted from animals to humans at least twice: in November or December 2019.

Perhaps this is what happened in the market. Last May, virologist Michael Sparrow, author of two papers on the artificial origin of the virus, published a letter in the journal Science in which he and other researchers called on the scientific community to remain open-minded about whether the pandemic was the result of a leak from a laboratory (possibly in Wuhan).

The new research convinced even Sparrow. He agreed that wild animal viruses that were sold on the market were the source of the pandemic: “When you look at all the evidence, it’s clear that it started in the market.”

Vitamins for COVID-19 are practically useless

Scientists at the University of Toledo conducted a meta-study that collected 26 published studies on the effects of vitamins C and D and zinc tablets on the development of severe COVID-19. Most of the work does not show any effect of vitamins.

But there are a few studies that suggest a positive, albeit small, correlation with vitamin D intake. Vitamin D users are less likely to require pulmonary intubation. But this is weak protection, scientists warn. So seriously count on the help of vitamin D is also not worth it.

How many have already been ill

According to the Hopkins Institute, there are more than 435 million people who have suffered COVID-19 worldwide in more than two years (as of February 28).

The CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) believes that not 79 million have been ill in the United States, as the data from the Hopkins Institute show, but 124 million, that is, one and a half times more. If such an amendment is applied to the world as a whole, then almost 700 million people will recover from the disease.

There are higher estimates both for countries and for the world as a whole. It will be very difficult to pinpoint them. Most likely, the number of those who have been ill does not exceed a billion, but is approaching this figure.


The more people who recover from COVID-19, the more important it is to study the consequences of the disease. Scientists at the University of Washington took the medical records of the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

The researchers took into account conditions such as diagnosed depression, anxiety or stress disorders, sleep problems, and neurocognitive impairment, including dementia, fatigue, and brain fog. About 150,000 people diagnosed with COVID-19 between March 2020 and January 2021 were matched against a control group of 5 million non-sick people.

18% of patients with COVID-19 developed one or more mental health problems within a year of recovering from the infection. 12% of the control group faced similar problems.

Scientists have concluded that people with COVID-19 are more likely to experience mental health problems compared to those who have not been ill. And the more severe the disease, the more problems arise.


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