Palm-sized: Australian woman finds a huge insect in her home

(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of Australia discovered a very unusual insect in her house, which scared her greatly, because its size reached about the palm of a woman. She posted a photo with an insect on her Facebook page.

The Australian woman was doing some spring cleaning when she made an extremely unpleasant find in her own home. The woman decided that it would be right to photograph the insect next to her brush so that users understand how big it really is. The photos were then posted on the Australian page and also in the Mothers Who Clean group. The woman turned to the users of this community for advice.

She asked what kind of insect it was and where it could have come from in the house. The commentators got scared when they saw the photo. Some said they didn’t want to see something like that even in nightmares, and some said that it was better for a woman to move to a safer home. In addition, users even tried to determine what kind of insect it was. From the assumptions there were a variety of options. The versions for the cicada or the Bogong butterfly had the most fans.


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