Pain in the left hypochondrium in women and men

(ORDO NEWS) — Under the ribs on the left are organs that are vital. Violation of the activity of one of these organs is often accompanied by pain. The causes of pain under the left rib can be different, for example:

  • Cases that indicate a malfunction of the spleen cause discomfort and pain. In addition to feeling pain and tenderness, a sign that the problem is related to the spleen is that the skin on the abdomen around the navel turns blue. This is due to the fact that blood accumulates in this place.
  • Disorders of the stomach. If the problem is related specifically to the stomach, it is accompanied by vomiting or nausea. These symptoms may indicate the presence of a stomach ulcer, as well as a malignant tumor, and other diseases.
  • Pain can also be triggered if the pancreas is inflamed. In this case, the pain sensation is concentrated on the left and in the center of the abdomen, accompanied by vomiting and fever.
  • Chronic pain can be caused by improper functioning or fixation of the intestine. In this case, the feeling of pain can radiate to the back, and the symptoms most often appear after eating or any physical exertion.
  • Discomfort can be caused by a malfunction of the heart. It could be an atypical heart attack. Such cases are accompanied by intense pain, and in some situations fainting occurs. If the heart is the cause of pain and discomfort in the left hypochondrium, then the left arm and shoulder blade, and neck may hurt.
  • The cause may be the nervous system, which causes intercostal neuralgia. In this situation, there is a burning and sharp pain that lasts for several minutes. It usually appears if you sit in the wrong position, in cases of awkward turning of the body. Often the problem appears in people who are actively involved in sports.

Pain under the left rib can mean a variety of diseases. Depending on its intensity, one can presumably find out the reason why it occurs. For instance:

  • If the pain is sharp and sharp, this indicates that the organs are seriously damaged, immediate hospitalization is necessary. Most often, in order to be able to save a person’s life, an operation is necessary.
  • If the pain sensations are aching and dull, they occur if the disease of the organs is chronic. This may be due to heart disease, it may mean that the uterus or intestines are inflamed. The reason may be that neoplasms have arisen in the liver or lungs. If the essence of painful sensations lies nevertheless in the stomach or intestines, this is accompanied by vomiting with blood, bloating. Symptoms make themselves felt more often at night.
  • Drawing pain means that the spleen is infected. This indicates the presence of hepatitis. To avoid complications in the form of cirrhosis of the liver, timely and well-thought-out treatment is necessary.
  • Stitching pain indicates that the work of the left kidney is disrupted, which affects the genitourinary system. The pain may radiate to the back. This disease is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, fever, weakness.

Pain under the left rib can occur due to “female” causes, which include menstruation, inflammation of the ovaries. Pain under the left rib should not be ignored in any case.

Even if it is not so strong and sharp, you consider it insignificant, you need to see a doctor, conduct a diagnosis. This is important in order to take the necessary measures as early as possible, to minimize the likelihood of complications.


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