Pacific Ocean level will rise to two meters by the end of the century

(ORDO NEWS) — According to experts, coastal regions in Asia will be in a difficult position in the coming decades due to subsidence and the advance of the sea on the coast.

By 2100, the level of the Pacific Ocean may rise up to two meters due to global warming and soil subsidence. This is stated in the forecast of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), reports Eco-Business.

According to the report, geological and hydrological processes will take place in the Asia-Pacific region in the coming decades, during which the land will subside due to the withdrawal of groundwater, and the waters of the seas and oceans will continue to advance on land against the backdrop of climate change.

“Based on observational data collected since 2000, most islands in the Pacific are sinking. Therefore, the effect of sea level rise will increase where the land sinks,” the study says.

According to the author of the report, Professor of Hydroclimatology at Newcastle University in Australia, Anthony Kiem, sea level rise will create problems for existing and future critical infrastructure.

Given the data on sea level changes by 2100, the ADB suggested that governments make appropriate adjustments to promising projects that are planned to be implemented before the end of this century.

According to the Pacific Infrastructure Fund, Pacific island countries have a low ability to adapt to climate change.

A holistic approach to infrastructure management is required, taking into account the full range of likely impacts of climate change and natural disasters.


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