Pacemaker dissolves itself in the body: just look at it

(ORDO NEWS) — Researchers have improved the previously created dissolvable pacemaker. Now he has a set of sensors and is almost ready for use in practice.

A new dissolvable pacemaker may be a temporary measure. Its convenience is that you do not need to remove it – it will leave the body itself

The original implant was designed for people recovering from injury or heart surgery, or who only need a pacemaker for a short time.

In any case, once they recover from their condition within five to seven weeks the pacemaker will degrade in the body and be absorbed harmlessly.

This means that only one operation is required to implant the device. Also, since the pacemaker is powered by an external antenna, it does not need to be connected to a separate battery. The device itself is only 250 microns thick and weighs less than half a gram.

New version of dissolvable pacemaker

Improvements in the new version include the device’s ability to stretch as well as flex, allowing it to better conform to the surface of a beating heart, plus it can now release an anti-inflammatory drug as it dissolves to prevent immune responses to the foreign body.

In addition, the pacemaker now communicates wirelessly with four other soft electronic devices temporarily attached to the skin on various parts of the patient’s upper body.

Among these devices is a forehead-mounted hemodynamic module that controls blood oxygen levels, tissue oxygenation, and vascular tone; a breathing module at the base of the throat that controls coughing and other movements; a haptic feedback module that can be placed anywhere on the body – it vibrates to alert the patient to malfunctions or other problems; and a heart module located on the chest.


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