Overconfidence reinforced anti-scientific views

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the USA have come to the conclusion that overly self-confident people tend to trust anti-scientific views more than less confident people.

This time, scientists from the Universities of Portland, Colorado, Brown and Kansas (USA) revealed another “dark” side of self-confidence: they came to the conclusion that such people are more likely to trust anti-scientific views.

“Our study suggests that overconfidence interferes with learning. After all, if people think they know a lot, they have minimal motivation to learn more, ”said Nicholas Light, lead author from the University of Portland, commenting on her work.

The study, which took place in five stages, examined the views on eight issues of our time, on which there is a sharp anti-scientific discourse.

These are climate change, nuclear power, GMOs, the Big Bang theory, evolution, vaccines, homeopathy and Covid-19.

To measure general and subject knowledge on these topics, the researchers developed a 34-question scale that was answered by 3,249 participants.

The results showed that people who most disagree with the scientific consensus reached on the above questions know less about them, but think they know more.

This phenomenon is fairly general, although for some more polarized issues, such as climate change, these relationships are weaker.


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