Over the weekend, a strong geomagnetic storm will cover the Earth

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Experts warned everyone that on April 4 we should expect a very strong geomagnetic storm. This event will happen some time after the Earth leaves the previous strong stream of solar particles.

At the end of March, our planet fell into a stream of solar particles, which provoked an increase in the northern lights. It is worth noting that even residents of some southern regions of the United States saw it.

At the moment, the Sun shows a fairly strong indicator of activity, which will cause a strong geomagnetic storm on April 4. It is worth noting that the flow of particles travels a very large distance from the sun to our planet. About 150 million kilometers.

This time, experts have warned that solar activity will affect not only the aurora, but also far beyond the poles of the Earth. Residents of the Earth may be faced with the fact that communication, navigation and even television will disappear.

For some time, scientists analyzed data from studies obtained over the past 150 years of observation. This was necessary in order to at least roughly determine the strength of the impending storm, because too strong a storm can cause damage to electronic equipment.


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