Over 500 meters high: Megatsunami awaits in Alaska

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have warned that Alaska could be hit by an incredible tsunami. The cause of the tsunami may be the destruction of the Barry Arm fjord. At the same time, experts believe that a catastrophe could happen literally next year. They added that the tsunami could be even stronger than the one that was recorded in Alaska in 1958.

In 1958, a tsunami was recorded, which provoked an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8. The wave height then reached 520 meters. It was considered the highest in modern history. But in the event that a mountain that is located next to the Barrie Glacier in Alaska collapses, the waves will be several times stronger.

This threat was discovered by specialist Chunli Dai after analyzing satellite images of the Barry Arm fjord, which is located near Anchorage. The scientist noticed that the mountain slope, which is located inside the fjord, began to move very smoothly. If the mountainside collapses, it will cause a wave of incredible strength. Such an event can be compared to the explosion of a powerful atomic bomb.

From 2010 to 2017, the slope moved forward by about 120 meters. Since 2017, movement has slowed down, but still the threat of a collapse has not disappeared anywhere. It is worth noting that several other scientists wrote a letter warning that there is a risk of a mega tsunami. As a result, all areas that are nearby can be completely demolished.

The slope can start moving faster as a result of a variety of factors. These include heat, earthquakes, heavy rains for a long time. Today, scientists are closely monitoring the state of the fjord in order to correctly assess the possible risks.


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