Over 400 chemicals found in bottled water

(ORDO NEWS) — Made from soft plastic, reusable bottles release several hundred different chemicals into the water, scientists from the University of Copenhagen found.

Some compounds may be potentially hazardous to human health. In total, more than 400 different substances from bottle plastics and more than 3,500 compounds derived from dishwasher soap have been found in bottled water.

Most of them turned out to be unknown substances that scientists have yet to identify, according to Futurity.

“We were overwhelmed by the large amount of chemicals we found in the water after 24 hours in bottles.

The water contained hundreds of substances, including substances never before seen in plastic, as well as substances potentially harmful to health.

After the dishwashing cycle, there were several thousand of them, ”said Professor Jan Christensen.

European scientists have found an alternative to plastic. Employees of the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology decided to invent packaging for products based on carrot pomace.


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