Outbreak of unknown disease in India one person dies, hundreds in hospitals

(ORDO NEWS) — Indian scientists have discovered a completely new disease, the main symptoms of which are severe dizziness, foaming at the mouth, as well as epileptic seizures.

On December 6, it was reported that over 315 people were hospitalized in the city of Eluru, India. According to preliminary comments, the cause of hospitalization was a disease unknown to specialists. All patients had severe dizziness and headache, tremors, epileptic symptoms, and foaming at the mouth. One of the patients died.

All patients were immediately tested for coronavirus, but they tested negative. In order to determine the cause of such a state of people, experts from Delhi went to the city. Health Minister Alla Nani has denied the version that people could get sick as a result of severe air or water pollution. At the same time, the minister did not receive an exact answer as to where the strange disease could come from.

Most experts are inclined to believe that patients could be poisoned by the fumes of the agents used to fight insects. Or substances of organochlorine origin could have an effect. The local doctor said that there is a fairly high rate of recovery and therefore there is no reason to panic ahead of time.

There are fierce debates and discussions about this situation on social networks. There are a lot of versions offered. At the same time, some of the commentators ironically noted that they did not expect another end of 2020, and the unknown disease no longer surprises anyone.


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