Outbreak of salmonellosis in the US, more than 150 people already infected

(ORDO NEWS) — The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) urges Americans to minimize exposure to poultry. The outbreak of salmonellosis has become a serious cause of concern for Americans. In 43 states, 163 cases of infection have already been recorded.  This is reported by the BBC.

Outbreak of salmonellosis in the USA more than 150 people have already become infected 1

The health agency is concerned about the situation. Since everyone who contracted a dangerous ailment came into contact with poultry: they kissed chickens, played with them, etc. 

All residents who have a backyard chicken are at risk. Particular attention should be paid to children. It is better to forbid them to touch the birds, to press them. In warm seasons, many breed offspring of chickens, ducklings and other birds. Children are allowed to play with chicks, which is extremely dangerous. 

Now, in order to reduce the incidence rate, you need to competently inform people, namely:

  • tell people for what symptoms immediately call an ambulance;
  • inform how the disease is transmitted;
  • remind you to wash your hands with soap and use antiseptics;
  • explain who is at risk and why, and so on.

Salmonella can be fatal. This is an extremely dangerous infectious disease that is transmitted from birds to humans. You can also get infected through the eggs of birds. In the United States, 42 people die each year due to infection through a variety of foods.


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