Outbreak of bird flu recorded in France

(ORDO NEWS) — On September 10, France raised the level of danger as a result of an outbreak of avian influenza. In the north-eastern part of the country, a rather severe form of the disease was recorded in poultry. Several cases of infection among people were noted in Belgium, Luxembourg. A similar statement came from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Reported by The Epoch Times.

One of the most contagious strains of avian influenza, H5N8, was discovered a few days ago in the Ardennes region. The infected animals were immediately destroyed and all necessary precautions were taken. Agriculture Ministry officials said there have been only 25 cases of avian influenza in domestic and wild birds since August 1.

Due to recent cases, France has decided to raise the level of danger to “moderate”. After that, in parts of the regions of the country, poultry can only be kept indoors. It is worth noting that as a result of this outbreak, the country will not be taken away from its recently obtained status, which states that there is no bird flu on its territory.

Such outbreaks may lead to the fact that importing countries will impose some restrictions on the sale of various kinds of poultry products. This is especially true in Asia, where the risk of spreading the disease is highest. It is worth noting that in France last year more than three million birds had to be killed in order to stop further transmission of avian influenza.


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