Our universe was created by aliens in the laboratory

(ORDO NEWS) — Renowned Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb put forward an unusual hypothesis regarding our appearance. In an article published in Scientific American, Loeb suggests that our universe could have been created in a laboratory by an overdeveloped technological civilization.

“Since our universe has a flat geometry with zero net energy, an advanced civilization could develop technology that created a small universe from nothing using quantum tunneling,” the scientist wrote.

Loeb goes on to explain that this theory would combine all of our religious beliefs with modern scientific knowledge and characterize us as a Class C civilization.

According to the “Scale of Civilizations”, our civilization, dependent on the host star, ranks only fourth. If we ever managed to become independent from the Sun, then we would move into group B. And if we learned how to create our own universes, we would become the highest class A.

So the theory essentially suggests that we were created by a Class A civilization.

However, this article leaves many questions unanswered, such as: does the creator civilization interfere in our lives, and is it good, evil, or does it care?

Perhaps we should wait until Loeb completes another article, where he describes our creators in more detail, and we will try to “digest” it.

In 2020, Harvard scientist Avi Loeb made headlines for claiming that alien civilizations would not respond to our messages for 3,000 years and that the asteroid ‘Oumuamua was a real interstellar ship.

Also on his initiative, an ambitious project called Galileo was launched, which is now looking for evidence of the presence of alien technology in the universe.


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