Our inner world: why microbiota is so important

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To solve the problem of starving countries, it is not enough just to feed them – it is also necessary to take into account the microbiota of the people who live there.

We – residents of fast-food-rich megacities like New York, and inhabitants of the Amazonian selva, and villagers of distant African Malawi – are born equal in everything, including with a similar set of intestinal microorganisms.

“However, with age, the composition of the microbiota begins to“ edit ”, change, and among citizens who adhere to the so-called Western diet – who prefer excessively fatty and sweet foods – the microbiota loses its diversity,” says biomedics about the results of studies conducted by her group in these regions Tanya Yatsunenko from the University of Washington (Missouri).

If the depletion of the microbiota is significant, doctors have to intervene: prescribe probiotics, prebiotics or intestinal transplants. Otherwise, serious changes in metabolism and even in a mental state will follow (microbiota is one of the most influential factors determining our mental health). It cannot be said that all this is a purely human invention, because in many animals the intestinal microbiome is not inherited by newborns. It is always formed anew: it gets, for example, with food that parents feed (this is a whole complex of prebiotics and probiotics).

As for a person, if there are not enough “own” prebiotics, it is worth borrowing them in the form of drug complexes. For human civilization, this area of ​​science has acquired special importance, since it helps to solve the problem of starving countries.

“Just feeding starving children is not enough,” explains biomedic Sathish Subramanian of the Center for Genomic Science and Systems Biology in St. Louis, who conducted research in Bangladesh. “We need to help them restore badly damaged intestinal biota.”


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