Other civilizations may be locked up on their planets

(ORDO NEWS) — There is a separate class of planets in the Universe called super-earths, which are significantly heavier than Earth. At the same time, compared to gas giants, the weight does not seem so great. Perhaps, it is on the super-earths that certain forms of intelligent life exist.

The weight of super-lands is about 5-10 times that of the earth. Scientists are actively exploring bodies, as they believe that at least one of them must have at least some kind of life. Physicist Michio Kaku believes that already in this century, humanity will come into contact with aliens. True, where such confidence comes from is unknown.

Researcher Michael Hippke, who works at the Sonnenberg German Observatory, believes that extraterrestrial civilizations may be trapped in super-earths. The reason for this is a denser atmosphere and many times stronger gravity. Physical laws restrict flights near bodies with a large mass. The cost of flights is growing in direct proportion to the level of gravitational impact. Aliens may not have satellite TV and space missions.

Super-Earths that are in habitable zones are best suited for life. The heat of a nearby star keeps the liquid in its usual state. Conditions could be even better than on Earth. The more body mass, the thicker the atmosphere. Accordingly, more protection.

To launch a rocket into space, aliens would have to build it with a mass of 440 thousand tons so that it could develop a second space velocity (and it is 2.4 times more than on Earth). The mission would require a lot of fuel to break through all gravitational and atmospheric barriers.

Scientists doubt that intelligent beings in super-earths are exploring the stars. They are most likely using radio telescopes for interstellar communication.


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