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Orion spacecraft launched to the Moon held the first video broadcast

Orion spacecraft launched to the Moon held the first video broadcast

(ORDO NEWS) — Orion spacecraft flying into the orbit of the Moon transmitted the first video signal to Earth.

The Orion spacecraft orbiting the moon has transmitted its first video signal to Earth, showing what is happening inside its cabin and around the ship, NASA said.

The Orion spacecraft lifted off from Florida on an SLS super heavy booster on its test flight to orbit the moon earlier Wednesday.

Despite technical problems and repeated postponements of the launch date, the launch proceeded normally.

“You see on your screens an image transmitted from aboard a manned spacecraft, the last time this was possible in 1972 during the Apollo mission, almost 50 years ago,” a NASA representative commented on the image received from the spacecraft.

Orion began transmitting a video signal to Earth about nine hours after launch.

There are several cameras on the ship, including on its solar antenna: the transmitted image shows the receding Earth and part of the ship itself.

Another camera showed the cockpit where the crew would be in the future.

The flight of Orion, the mission was named “Artemis-1”, will continue for several weeks. The ship must orbit the Moon and return to Earth.

It is planned that a manned flight to the Moon can take place in May 2024, and in 2025, as part of the Artemis-3 mission, the United States hopes to land a crew on the lunar surface.


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