Origin of COVID-19 according to US experts

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — US experts say COVID- 19 did not originate in the seafood market in Wuhan, China. Since the spread of the epidemic has had many theories about how started everything. Previous scientific studies have suggested that the virus that causes COVID- 19 originates from natural processes.

Dr. Robert Garry, a professor at Tulane University School of Medicine, points out that it is wrong to believe that the virus originated in a food market in Wuhan. According to him, the pandemic may be caused by a mutation in the surface proteins of the virus. But it is also possible that a less mild version of the disease had been circulating in the population for years, perhaps even decades, before escalating to this point.

Coronaviruses are named because of the crowns on their surface. In a study published in Nature Medicine, a group of scientists analyzed two specific features of virus proteins, which are responsible for cell entry.

The results show that the protein is optimized to bind to a molecule on the outside of human cells, so efficient that scientists concluded that it was the result of natural selection and not a deliberately manipulated virus.

In addition, if one was trying to create a new virus, they have to engineer it from the core, but what they found is that the essence of coronavirus does not derive from any previously used hearth.

The similarities were revealed in the night bats and a species of living thing called pangolin.

Experts propose two possible scenarios that might explain the origin of the virus, which is natural selection in animals before zoonotic transfer and natural selection in humans after zonal transfer.

In the first scenario, as the new coronavirus evolved, probably to the naked or the pangolin , its spicy proteins mutated to bind to similar molecules in structure with human proteins, infecting human cells.

The second scenario is that coronavirus passed from animals to humans before it became capable of causing human disease. Then, as a result of natural evolution, the virus eventually gained the ability to spread and cause disease.


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