Oregon couple find a huge lava cave under their house

(ORDO NEWS) — Suzanne and James Brierly, when they bought a house with land, hoped that it would become their fortress. The couple bought a house in Oregon (USA). The husband and wife knew about the existence of a cave on the side of the hill, which is located on the territory of their site.

Reported by NewsChannel 21.

The arrangement of the dwelling, the establishment of everyday life did not provide an opportunity to study the cave in detail. Later, the family very much regretted that they had not previously paid attention to her.

It turned out that this is not a small cave at all, but a giant lava tube. You can safely walk in it, its exact dimensions are still unknown. These are the voids in the rocks that are formed by the movement of lava underground.

Now scientists who are working on projects for the development and colonization of Mars are interested in this area. As it turns out, there is usually a layer of hard rock above the lava tubes. Therefore, it is an ideal shelter from meteorites, radiation and various disasters. The study of this object will help the future colonizers of Mars to survive on the red planet.

The Brierley family was upset at first, because their house is located directly above the voids. However, along with the find, the cost of the site increased. Suzanne and James can sell their property at any time and move to a quieter location.


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