Optimism is the real key to longevity

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(ORDO NEWS) — Mankind has been searching for centuries for the elixir of eternal youth, or at least immortality, but even in the 21st century, science has still not been able to solve this problem.

However, recipes are being developed and one of the most effective, as it turned out, is not in the field of biology, chemistry or physics – psychology is responsible for it.

Many time-tested wisdoms give in when faced with impartial laboratories and crowds of researchers. However, in this case, our ancestors were really right – whoever looks at the world with a smile lives longer.

On average, of course – naturally, this is not a 100% guarantee to meet the centenary in good health and a sober mind. Easy to say, the reader will think, and rightly so: changing the way you think is not easy. Yes, and for starters, you still need to realize the need for this event.

In it, Levina Lee of the Boston University School of Medicine, along with colleagues, described the results of a long-term study of two large groups of men and women. The first consisted of 1429 people (combat veterans) whose health was monitored over the past 30 years.

The second is from almost 70 thousand women (nurses) who were observed not so long, only 10 years in a row. Importantly, the survey methodology and its analysis exclude as much as possible all extraneous factors that affect the duration and quality of life, except for an optimistic or pessimistic worldview.

People who expect positive changes from the future – positive-minded optimists – can expect themselves to be fully capable even at 85 years old. Otherwise, it is not so likely, and the quality of life in old age will be worse. On average, pessimists die earlier by 11-15%. Why it happens?

Optimistic women and men are much more likely to take care of their health, and also engage in physical activity or even sports. They are less prone to bad habits, and their diet is usually healthier and more complete.

Finally, one of the most important aspects is that such people cope with stress much better. Due to all of the above factors, optimists have a lower risk of developing depression, cardiovascular disorders and various chronic diseases.

However, the phrase “just think positive” sounds silly because it devalues ​​the way a person thinks, who for some reason tends to be pessimistic. No, in order to live healthier and longer, no one calls at once to change your attitude towards yourself and the world around you – this is impossible, and it can do harm.

Moreover, no one claims that optimists do not experience stress or do not pay attention to problems. There is just as much negativity in their lives as everyone else, it’s just that their attitude towards these things is very different.

And in this aspect of the psyche – the perception of negative events and expectations from the future – one can train oneself quite easily. Levina in her career constantly works with people who are pessimistic about tomorrow, and this trait of them usually only gets stronger with each new problem that arises.

However, in the course of psychotherapy, they not only learn to react differently, but also find in themselves and their past the reasons that formed such a character in them.

According to scientists, a consultation with a psychologist or psychotherapist, and perhaps a course of visits to such a specialist in the future, allows you to get more pleasure from life, extend its active part and increase its overall duration.


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