OpenAI investors collaborate with Microsoft in a last-minute push to reinstate Sam Altman as CEO

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OpenAI is undergoing a period of significant upheaval, with reports indicating discussions about the potential return of former CEO Sam Altman to the company. Multiple sources suggest that OpenAI’s board is in talks with Altman, although he is reportedly “ambivalent” about returning and is seeking substantial governance changes.

In a related development, investors in OpenAI are reportedly exploring ways to reinstate Altman as CEO in what would be a surprising counter-coup. Venture capital firms holding positions in OpenAI’s for-profit entity are said to be working with Microsoft and senior employees to bring Altman back.

The proposed playbook involves applying pressure on OpenAI’s new management, led by acting CEO Mira Murati, through a combination of mass revolt by senior researchers, withholding cloud computing credits from Microsoft, and potentially initiating a lawsuit from investors.

The goal is to convince the management that their situation is untenable, leading to Altman’s reinstatement and the departure of those believed to have advocated for his removal, including cofounder Ilya Sutskever and board director Adam D’Angelo.

However, the success of this effort and the speed at which it could be executed remain uncertain. Altman, in the meantime, has signaled his intention to launch a new AI venture if the effort to reinstate him at OpenAI doesn’t materialize quickly enough. There are also reports of further departures from OpenAI in the works.

The Information has confirmed that Altman has informed investors about his plans to launch a new AI venture.

Additionally, Altman has been engaged in discussions with semiconductor executives, including chip designer Arm, about potential efforts to design new chips that could lower costs for large-language model companies like OpenAI. This particular initiative is expected to be a long-term endeavor, spanning multiple years.

These developments underscore the complex and dynamic situation at OpenAI, with leadership changes, internal disagreements, and potential strategic shifts shaping the future trajectory of the organization.


Slashdot news agency contributed to this report, published by ORDO News editors.

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