“Open, it’s me!” the lost dog returned home and rang the doorbell

(ORDO NEWS) — Mary Lynn Whitacre and her husband Ryan Washick were very concerned about the loss of their beloved dog Raj.

A married couple from South Carolina searched for a pet for 7 hours until they received a call at the door…

Mary Lynn Whitacre reveals that her dog was frightened by fireworks and ran out of her own backyard. Since Raj is a very fast dog, Mary Lynn and her husband had no idea how far he could run, and most importantly,

where. The couple searched for their pet for seven hours but could not find him. “Ryan and I were going crazy and feeling really helpless,” Mary Lynn said.

But as it turned out, there was no need to worry. After all, Raj was perfectly able to “get out” of the situation himself. Around 3:00 in the morning, he just walked up to the house and… rang the doorbell with his nose!

Open its me the lost dog returned home and rang the doorbell 2

The woman notes that she has no idea where Raj learned this. She said that she and her husband almost never have to use their own doorbell, so she’s not sure the dog could ever see someone pressing it.

After a little adventure, Raj feels good. However, the dog “brought” some souvenirs from his trip. The owners note that the animal was in burdock and it smelled very unpleasant…


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