Only after the fifth test, Chinese discovered a coronavirus

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Coronavirus continues to infect people around the world, including the Chinese. Unfortunately, the developed tests do not provide accurate detection of the virus in the human body: a Chinese woman could confirm Covid-19 only on the fifth attempt.

The situation becomes terrible if we analyze the insufficiency of tests in most countries of the world and their inaccuracy. On July 3, a Beijing resident with the pseudonym Liu, who lives in Daxing, went with her husband to Xinfadi Market. Some time after this, on the 14th, the husband was diagnosed with coronavirus.

On June 16, Liu also became ill: the woman developed characteristic symptoms (temperature, mild lesion). X-ray images of the lungs confirmed pneumonia, while a nucleic acid test yielded a negative result.

A week a woman regularly visited doctors: she underwent repeated testing each time. Four times in a row, the test denied the presence of the disease, although it was clear that coronavirus was actively progressing in the body of a Chinese woman.

On June 23, Liu was hospitalized. Only the fifth test at Ditan Hospital (Beijing) finally confirmed the presence of infection. According to doctors, a similar thing happened in their practice more than once in recent months. For example, on June 16, an employee of the same market also confirmed coronavirus only on the fifth attempt. The man lived in Wenlin County (Zhejiang Province).

There are many people who repeated testing several times (sometimes 6-7 each). Experts attribute this to the fact that in some cases, the incubation period of the virus lasts more than two weeks. This explanation does not quite fit the situation of Liu, because she clearly had spots in her lungs in the pictures. The inefficiency of the tests requires careful study and their improvement.


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