Online cryptocurrency exchange: basic conditions

(ORDO NEWS) — Making deals on cryptocurrencies is a lot like trading stocks, bonds, or commodities. In addition, in this case, you trade mainly on the exchange, place buy and sell orders with certain parameters, or incur transaction costs.

More often than not, you will also need to create an appropriate account on the investment platform. If you just need to buy or sell cryptocurrency, then there are exchangers that provide services with a guarantee.

How to buy cryptocurrency and why?

In practice, the vast majority of cryptocurrency transactions are carried out on exchanges. This is not surprising because of all the solutions available, exchanges are associated with the most convenience and lowest transaction costs.

Moreover, only through them you can easily purchase less popular cryptocurrencies with a small capitalization.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are a kind of combination of brokerage and traditional exchanges where stocks or bonds are traded. On the one hand, they provide investment platforms, and on the other hand, they enter the chosen cryptography into their quote system and are responsible for order execution.

Some of them not only act as intermediaries connecting different investors, but additionally provide currency exchange services, that is, they conclude transactions directly with their users.

Convenient trading on attractive terms

Crypto traders do not charge any fees for creating or using an account, and basically the only cost of trading in their case: the transaction fee.

  • In the offer to buy, you can specify a price that is the same or close to the current market rate, which will provide you with a quick transaction, or any other price that you are willing to pay for this cryptocurrency.
  • In the latter case, the order will be executed when the price reaches the expected level, and the exchange system will link your offer with an order opposite to another investor (or investors).

You can store purchased cryptocurrencies on the exchange, but keep in mind that in this situation you cannot count on such security as in the case of brokerage services or brokers.

The best exchangers use numerous security measures, including two- or three-level transaction authorization and account login, but they still need to be approached with caution.

Therefore, if you are going to buy cryptocurrencies with a longer investment horizon, withdraw them from the exchange and transfer them to a special desktop, mobile or hardware wallet that is used to safely store digital assets.


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