OnePlus 8 Pro camera shine through plastic and clothing (VIDEOS)

(ORDO NEWS) — An unexpected feature was discovered in the camera of the new OnePlus smartphone – the ability to “see” through thin tissue and plastic. This possibility is provided by a filter called “Photochrom”, using infrared radiation. Night vision devices and thermal imagers work by a similar principle.

This ability of the gadget has not been previously announced in any advertising material. Interestingly, the Internet portal The Verge tried to take a comment from the manufacturer on this matter, but OnePlus refused to communicate on this topic.

One of the first unusual features of the OnePlus 8 Pro camera was noticed by the Latvian blogger Ben Geskin. He tested the photochromic filter on his gaming gadgets: the Apple TV set-top box and the Oculus Quest virtual reality helmet controllers.

Later, YouTube user Alan Goodwin uploaded a video on which the TV remote control shines through the smartphone’s camera. Thanks to the photochromic mode, the shell of the device becomes almost transparent.

As it turned out, the photochromic filter also makes it possible to look through clothes. True, not all: the OnePlus 8Pro camera can only see through a dark fabric of not very high density. The picture below shows that the filter makes it possible to read the text of the note hidden under a light T-shirt.

The features of a smartphone camera can raise issues related to personal privacy. Therefore, it is possible that OnePlus will sooner or later block the photochromic filter so as not to face legal claims.

By the way, OnePlus is not the only company whose smartphones have translucent abilities. The programmer Guillerme Rambo was able to achieve a similar effect from the camera of the new iPhone, equipped with an infrared sensor for scanning the face. True, the iPhone had to be hacked for this, that is, jailbreak.

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