One of the rivers in Israel suddenly turned blood red

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — According to local media, on May 10, a river called Alexander suddenly changed color to blood red. Environmentalists began to sound the alarm: changes may indicate large-scale pollution.

Scientists in the event of a sharp change in the color of water bodies sin, as a rule, on the flowering of algae or the spread of bacteria. In our case, the truth was established quite quickly. As it turned out, there really was pollution.

The culprit is a poultry farm; a slaughterhouse in the city of Tulkarm also partially had a hand. After quarantine, businessmen force people to work in three shifts, blood and intestines merge into the river flowing past. One can imagine the scale of slaughter if the whole river was repainted in a different color.

The Alexander River was named after Tsar Alexander Yannaya. It begins in the mountains of Palestine, flows through Israel and flows into the Mediterranean Sea. It is not known how large-scale Palestinian activity would have been if it had not been for Israeli deterrents. Perhaps the river would always have remained red due to the huge meat production.

Interestingly, there are many prophecies that speak of the reddening of water in rivers. Such an event is a sign of the apocalypse. Until now, reddening of rivers has already happened quite often in different parts of the world.

So far, no end of the world is foreseen. Only the fact that Israel is a difficult country is scary. It was the Jews who gave these prophecies, so the events, for example, in Canada and Australia are regarded simply as a coincidence. Incidents in the Middle East have always been considered a certain omen. Prophecy regarding reddening of water was recorded in Turkey, Iran and the Gulf countries. Few people care about the cause of the phenomena.


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