One of the oldest churches in the world collapses in Iraq

(ORDO NEWS) — The years of hostilities in Iraq have caused colossal damage to the country’s infrastructure. So, for example, from one of the oldest churches in the world, there are ruins.

Archaeologist Zahed Mohammed named several reasons that provoked the destruction of the temple. But in everything, as it turned out, the person and his activities are to blame.

Reported by The Epoch Times.

Zahed says the church in Ain Tamar was destroyed not only because of the war under Saddam Hussein. The fact is that restoration work has never been carried out here to restore historical and architectural objects.

Therefore, temples and other buildings fell apart over time and turned into dust. The arrival of the Pope did not change the situation either. Nobody cares about monuments.

Pilgrims and tourists visit Babylonian temples, Mesopotamian settlements and other historical values ‚Äč‚Äčevery year. Local residents report that foreign tourists show more concern and respect for the ancient temples than the local government. Now, due to the coronavirus, there are even fewer tourists.

The issue of landscaping is also important. Planting new trees will minimize wind damage. Due to the lack of green spaces, wind storms often occur here, which destroy buildings.


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