One of the largest diamonds in history

(ORDO NEWS) — A giant diamond weighing 998 carats was found in Botswana. The stone ranked fifth on the list of the largest diamonds ever discovered, writes Bloomberg.

The find was made by the small Canadian mining company Lucara Diamond at the Karowe mine. This is not the first super-large stone for the mine and the company as a whole. In 2019, Lucara mined a 1,758-carat Rare Find diamond in Botswana, which was later bought by luxury goods manufacturer Louis Vuitton. This diamond ranks as the second largest stone in history.

In 2015, a 1109-carat diamond was found at the Karowe mine, it was named “Our Light”. Later it was sold for $ 53 million. In the same year, the Sozvezdie diamond weighing 813 carats was found at the mine, which was sold for 63 million.

The largest stone ever discovered is the “Star of Africa” ​​weighing 3,106 carats. It was found in 1905 in South Africa in the Premier mine and was subsequently divided into several parts. The largest of which (“Big Star of Africa” ​​and “Second Star of Africa”) became part of the British crown jewels.


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