On the satellite of Jupiter found a “copy” of the Earth’s Antarctica

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(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the University of Texas at Austin conducted a study of Europa (a moon of Jupiter). Astronomers have discovered several huge glaciers at once.

It is now known that Europa has underwater ice that is similar to the ice shelves of Antarctica on Earth. Underwater ice should be cleaner and less salty than the satellite ocean. Such conditions are favorable for the formation of life.

NASA plans to launch the Europa Clipper radar spacecraft to Jupiter’s moon. It will allow you to “look” under the ice and understand if there are signs of life there.

The only problem is that the salt in the water can create extra noise, and the data from the ship will be incorrect. Before the launch, scientists are going to study the composition of glaciers in more detail.

Below is a photograph of the underwater structure of Antarctica’s glaciers. It is assumed that the same is in Europe.

On the satellite of Jupiter found a copy of the Earths Antarctica 2

Recall that Europa is the sixth remotest rocky satellite of Jupiter, the size of the earth’s moon. Under a thick layer of stone is a salty ocean and ice. It was first discovered in 1610 by Galileo Galilei.


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