On the outskirts of the universe, physical laws work in a completely different way

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Specialists from the University of New South Wales made a very controversial statement. They suggested that physical postulates work in a completely different way on the outskirts of the Universe.

If the theory of scientists turns out to be true, the understanding of the universe will completely change. The fine structure constant is responsible for the force affecting charged subatomic particles, for example, protons and electrons.

During the study of quasars, experts drew attention to the fact that the value of the fine structure constant in the most remote parts of outer space is completely different. Probably, everyone would be interested in the reaction of the scientific world to the fact that the speed of light is not the same everywhere.

Physicist John Webb noted that the universe may have a direction. Today, the theory has officially been accepted that the expansion of outer space occurs evenly. Recent research suggests the opposite: faster expansion takes place in a certain direction.

Many theories need verification and proof. It is not yet possible to consider them true.


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