On the coins of 1054 found the image of a cosmic catastrophe

(ORDO NEWS) — Scholars from various countries have published an article detailing very rare Byzantine coins.

They were made almost a thousand years ago. Experts believe that these ancient coins depict nothing more than a cosmic catastrophe. The masters depicted a supernova explosion.

In this case, we are talking about coins that were made by the emperor of Byzantium, Constantine IX. On them you can see directly the emperor himself.

At the same time, the attention of specialists was attracted by two stars, which are located on both sides of the head of the ruler.

This item is considered uncommon. Experts associated its occurrence with a fairly popular event of a historical nature.

In many sources, information was previously found regarding an incredibly powerful and bright explosion that occurred in the sky.

Some time ago, researchers managed to establish that the explosion of supernova SN 1054 was described in this way.

Astronomers note that the explosion of SN 1054 can be called almost the most exciting astronomical event in the entire history of mankind.

The explosion formed the Crab Nebula. The researchers say that the star was among the superbright and it was very clearly visible in the night sky.

As a result of the new discovery, astronomers received archaeological evidence of the explosion of SN 1054, which Christians were able to record directly. Previously, information regarding the event could be found exclusively in eastern sources.

Most of all, experts from Japan and China wrote about the explosion. It is also the first time that a cosmic catastrophe has been depicted on coins rather than in handwritten sources.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that on the standard serial coins issued by Constantine IX, there is only one star. Most are inclined to believe that it was Venus.

She was considered by many in ancient times to be the morning star. Directly the head of the ruler meant the Sun. Two stars can be found exclusively on those coins that are included in the special edition.


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