On Mars discovered the ruins of an ancient structure

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(ORDO NEWS) — The space age began a long time ago, when people were first able to get into space. But they managed to get some results from the launch of satellites and space flights only relatively recently, when the Internet began to develop and photos of the surfaces of different planets began to be uploaded to the network.

People actively review the NASA / ESA images posted on the network and conduct their thorough analysis. Due to this, it is possible to notice the most unexpected little things that can be both a game of imagination and really reality.

On July 12, Gene Ward, along with his friends, posted a video on a social network in which they analyzed official photos of the surface of the Red Planet. On them, they were able to discover the strangest and even to some extent crazy things that they shared with the public.

Everything shown in the video was followed by Gene’s comments. He says that artifacts or anomalies that they found can actually turn out to be structures that are in a state of decay. The find in this case has the form of megalithic blocks or plates. In addition, it seems that these structures have holes. Near one of the detected objects, a pyramidal surface is also visible.

Nobody began to argue with Gene, because the find really consists of megaliths and resembles the ruins of a building. It could be a wall or a huge pyramid. If you make the image enlargement a little smaller, you can even consider the similarity of the foundation, because the right angle protrudes from the sand quite clearly.

A megalithic wall was discovered in the Mariner Valley, which is located in the canyon Melas. It is this part of Mars that has been best studied by rovers and there are most of all surface images that are studied today by a huge number of not only specialists, but just space lovers.


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